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Don't Fear the FOMO

As you may know, FOMO is fear of missing out. It's a real concept, and not shorthand made up for texting. Simply, it's a concern that others are having rewarding experiences that you're not.

If you're like me, and spend lots of time reading about HR administration and technology, you can get the impression that HR tech is now about blockchain, virtual reality, and Internet of things. You can get the sense that many employers are tracking attendance, job performance and wellness with wearable devices, and are having employees onboard and train with VR headsets.

Well, the commentary has gotten ahead of the truth. You're not using blockchain, VR or IoT for HR, and very few employers are. It's still too new. I recently attended an HR conference that included a session about blockchain. It was called "Blockchain: What the Hype Means for HR." It was a good and informative session, but barely about HR. There was a mention of only potential HR uses, particularly based on blockchain's digital identity management. A few large employers are using VR, but it's too expensive for the rest of us. IoT is certainly becoming more prevalent, but it's not prevalent in the workplace.

I don't mean to be a skeptic. Artificial intelligence is being put to good use in HR and these newer technologies will eventually be too. But the attention to blockchain, VR and IoT shouldn't make you think you're missing out.

The bottom line is that HR tech is still about doing the fundamentals better. To use a football expression, it's blocking and tackling. It's onboarding more efficiently with electronic and electronically signed documents. It's facilitating effective feedback. It's helpful data that can support better decisionmaking. It's about getting the fundamentals right, as not doing this can undermine other efforts to support overall business strategy and objectives.

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