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Human Resources Consulting

HR Tech Insights enables small and midsize employers to make better and problem-solving decisions about new HR technology. It was founded by Peter Warman, who has over 20 years of experience in the HR Outsourcing industry and as an employment lawyer.

New HR technology is revolutionizing HR administration, which can now be handled much more efficiently and with greater ease of use for employers and employees. New technology can also support broader HR and business goals. Employers' decisions about HR technology are very important, and Peter is an independent advisor who helps clients reach the right decisions for their organizations.  



Peter Warman is an expert at evaluating HR administration and services, and helping develop, implement and deliver technology-based HR services. He spent 13 years at Hewitt Associates and Aon, where he worked on the entire service lifecycle: strategic development to sales/negotiations to implementations to ongoing delivery. He is also an expert at providing legal and compliance requirements for business operations and the delivery of HR services. At HR Tech Insights, Peter is an independent advisor enabling clients to reach the right HR decisions for their organizations. Through his years of experience, he understands the challenges of HR administration and making the transition to new technology.


Peter received a bachelor's degree in Economics and Political Science from Rutgers University, and a law degree from Northwestern University. He is a member of the Illinois Bar, and has sufficient trial experience to be a member of the trial bar of the federal court in Chicago. Peter is a member of the Chicago Bar Association and its Labor & Employment Law committee. He is also a member of HRMAC, the Human Resources Management Association of Chicago.


Peter has a broad knowledge of the many laws impacting HR. HR technology supports compliance, but it's not a panacea. There are always risks of non-compliance because of limitations in systems and services. Peter understands the challenges of complying with HR laws by using technology as well as anyone.

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Recent changes to HR technology have made new technology more practical for smaller employers than in the past, and these employers are now able to obtain much better HR services. But like larger employers, small and midsize employers face challenges when deciding what to do about HR technology. To support clients as they reach their important HR decisions, HR Tech Insights offers these services:

Assessment and Business Case

  • Assess current problems, gaps, concerns and needs, and counsel and provide direction about them -- stand-alone service or as part of broader services

  • Support the business case for seeking new approaches to HR administration

  • Support the decisionmaking about the new approaches, including requirements gathering through meetings/interviews with stakeholders and questionnaires 

  • Support presentations to senior leadership about the business case and strategic plan, and addressing concerns


  • Help pick the right solution that addresses needs based on size, cost-saving goals, expected growth, and company culture

  • Evaluate vendors' systems, customer service, and metrics, including through an RFP/RFI

  • Attend or conduct (if requested) meetings/demos with prospective vendors

  • Facilitate due diligence, such as internal client discussions and communications with vendors

  • Review contracts, SOWs and SLAs, and work with clients' lawyers on negotiations

  • Help manage the selected vendors, such as by reviewing often-complicated invoices

Implementation and Ongoing Support

  • Help oversee the implementation, such as documenting processes, supporting the transition to new technology, reviewing policies, and supporting the integration between existing and new systems when necessary

  • Support change management and adoption of new technology

  • Help oversee ongoing vendor delivery and HR operations, such as reviewing communications to employees

  • Support analytics/reporting, and mandatory government reports

  • Provide post-implementation guidance and monitoring of vendor services


Better-informed decisions


Independent vendor-neutral advice


"Getting" concerns, needs and goals

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